Asian Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (Asian-BEF) Network

Collaboration Message!

We welcome collaborative research. We have published several outstanding papers using collaborative data from Sri Lanka, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, and China through regional collaborations. We are further looking to enhance our Asian-BEF Network for Asia-level BEF studies. We have data from several countries/ regions of Asia, but we are looking for potential data from other Asian countries/ regions. Please contact us at for further details and guidelines (but see attached data formats). 

We also expect to extend the network to other continents for Global-BEF studies in nearest future, so, collaborators from other continents are encouraged to contact us. 

We are also happy to share our collaborative data with other regional and global networks for collaborative research publications through mutual understanding, depending on the objectives of the planned project. We have shared our data with Tallo and GrassPlot databases.

Many thanks for supporting our Asian-BEF Network!

Required Data

The following data is mainly required for forest BEF studies. Please use the attached xls format for data. We greatly appreciate it if you have site-specific measured plant functional traits and soil properties.

Individual level data:
Plot No.
Plant species latin name
Family name (if available)
Tree height (m)
Tree DBH (cm) (it would be great if covered all individuals ≥ 1 cm DBH)
Tree crown dimensions such as crown XY width and crown depth Y (if available it would be great) (m)
Any other characteristics at the species or individual level within each plot
Species wood density (if available)

Plot-level data:
Plot No.
Longitude (important for each plot), both in UTM and decimals
Latitude (important for each plot), both in UTM and decimals
Elevation (m), if available
Site name. If many plots across a region or country, please site names for different groups of plots.
Stand age (yrs), optional but would be great if available.
Disturbance intensity (if available) such as low, medium, and high, or in %
Plot size (ha)
Local forest type (such as dry or moist tropical, deciduous or evergreen temperate, etc)
Aboveground biomass (Mg/ha), if available, then please send the allometric equation used along with the citation.

Useful resources for field data collection

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