Short Biography

Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali

Twitter @arshadforester

Hi, I am Dr. Arshad Ali, alumnus of East China Normal University (MS and PhD in Ecology, 2012-17). Currently, I am working as a Professor of Forest Ecology and Management, College of Forestry, Nanjing Forestry University. Before, I worked as a Distinguished Associate Researcher at South China Normal University, and Social Organizer/Project Manager in different NGOs in Pakistan. Currently, I am also the Editor/Editorial Board Member of four scientific journals which are the top and respectful journals in the field of forestry, i.e., Forest Ecology and Management (Elsevier Publishers), Biodiversity and Conservation (Springer Publishers), Forestry: An international journal of forest research (Oxford University Press, UK), and Journal of Forestry Research (China, Springer Publishers). I am the reviewer of several top journals in the field of ecology, i.e., Nature journals, Global Change Biology, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, etc. I have been awarded with a title of Top Reviewer in the field of ecology by Publon’s (supported by Web of Science). I have one highly cited paper (first author) in the Web of Science, published in Forest Ecology and Management. I received several academic awards from East China Normal University including excellent CSC student and “a researcher who touched China” in 2016.

My broad-scale research interests are in the area of forest or plant ecology, particularly related to multiple abiotic and biotic controls on ecosystem functions and processes. Plant functional traits, demography, and trees’ size variation across space and time, as well as across forest biomes, are the main characteristics of my research. Currently, I evaluate the macro-ecological mechanisms underpinning biodiversity – ecosystem functioning at global and/ or pantropical scales. Currently, I am also leading the Global Forest Diversity, Structure and Function (i.e. GlobalFDSF) research network. As a PI, I have completed one research project in China, and currently implementing one research project funded by Jiangsu Province.

Having less than five years professional academic career and being a young professor (32 yrs old), I published over 60 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals including one book chapter, with several more currently in review or in revision. This includes papers in top forestry, ecology and multidisciplinary environmental science journals such as Global Change Biology, Journal of Ecology (BES journal), Ecology (ESA journal), Forest Ecology and Management, Science of the Total Environment, etc. As of Dec 2020, these have been cited over 730 times (h-index = 16, i10-index= 28; based on Google Scholar metrics). Of these publications, over 35 have been appeared as first, second, third or corresponding author and have been cited over 300 times. Recently, I published a new ecological hypothesis, i.e., “the big-sized tree hypothesis” in Global Change Biology (IF = 8.88). In addition, I contributed much to the biodiversity – ecosystem functioning research across subtropical, tropical and temperate forests as well as in agroforestry systems, natural rangelands, and alpine plant ecosystems.iversity and