Research Collaborations

1. Prof. Dr. Zuo-Qiang Yuan

Affiliation: CAS Key Laboratory of Forest Ecology and Management, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110164, PR China

Theme: Biodiversity and ecosystem functions of temperate forests in Northeastern China

Other collaborators:

Professor Dr. Michel Loreau (CNRS and Paul Sabatier University, France)

Dr. Tommaso Jucker (Bristol University, UK)

Dr. Shaopeng Wang (Peking University China)

Prof. Dr. Xugao Wang (CAS, China)

Dr. Paloma Ruiz-Benito (Universidad de Alcalá, Edificio de Ciencias, Spain)


2. Dr. Eskil Mattsson (Lead Analyst / Researcher)

Affiliation: Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Gothenburg, 412 96 Göteborg, Sweden; Swedish Agricultural Board

Theme: Linking stand structure, biodiversity and aboveground biomass of homegarden agroforestry and natural forests in Sri Lanka


3. Dr. Anvar Sanaei (Researcher)

Affiliation: Department of Reclamation of Arid and Mountainous Regions, Natural Resources Faculty, The University of Tehran, Karaj, P.O. Box: 31585-4314, Iran

Currently working at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Theme: Linking environment, biodiversity and aboveground biomass in semi-steppe rangelands and forests in Iran

Other collaborators:

Professor Mohammad Ali Zare Chachouki

Professor Mohammad Jafari

Professor Hossein Azarnivand


4. Dr. Xiao-Dong Yang (Professor)

Affiliation: Ningbo University

Theme: Ecological research in an arid desert region in North-West China

Other collaborators:

Professor Guang-Hui Lv (Xinjiang University)


5. Dr. Pedro Manuel Villa (Assistant manager / Research coordinator)

Affiliation: Federal University of Viçosa-Department of Botany

Researcher Forest Restoration Lab. Department of Forestry Engineering

Minas Gerais-Brazil

Theme: Biodiversity – ecosystem functioning research in Amazon forests


6. Professor Hai-Sheng Jiang

Affiliation: School of Life Sciences, South China Normal University Shanghai, PR China

Theme: Biodiversity and ecosystem functions of tropical forests in Hainan Island of Southern China

Other collaborators:

Dr. Si-Liang Lin (South China Normal University)

Dr. Jei-Kun He (South China Normal University)


7. Professor En-Rong Yan

Affiliation: School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, East China Normal University Shanghai, PR China

Theme: Biodiversity and ecosystem functions of subtropical forests in Eastern China

Other collaborators:

Professor Han Y.H. Chen (Lakehead University, Canada)

Professor Scott X. Chang (University of Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Madelon Lohbeck (Wageningen University, the Netherlands)


8. Professor Juha M. Alatalo

Affiliation: Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, P.O. Box 2713, Doha, Qatar

Theme: Diversity and productivity of an alpine plant community under different climate change scenarios

Other collaborators: Professor Ulf Molau (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Dr. Annika K. Jägerbrand (Senior Research Manager in   Calluna AB Land and Water, Sweden)