Dr. Arshad Ali
Professor & Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali currently works as a Full-time Professor / Group Leader of Forest Ecology Research Group at Hebei University, China. He is the Editor of Forest Ecology and Management, Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research, Biodiversity and Conservations, and Journal of Forestry Research publishing by Elsevier, Oxford University Press and Springer, respectively. Having less than 5-year of an academic career, he has published over 70 scientific papers in top journals of forestry, ecology and environmental sciences such as Global Change Biology, Journal of Ecology, Ecology, Forest Ecology and Management, Science of the Total Environment, etc. He is interested in a better understanding of the consequences of increasing disturbances, biodiversity loss and climate change on ecosystem function. He strives to contribute to the societal decision-making process in ways to assure the ecological sustainability of natural and managed plant ecosystems in a changing environment. Plant functional traits, demography and tree sizes variations across space and time, as well as across biomes, are the main characteristics of his research.

Full-time lab members

Dr. Umar Aftab Abbasi

He is a Postdoctoral Fellow (2021-2023) in Forest Ecology.  He is interested in plant functional traits, community assembly processes and ecosystem functions in forest ecosystems.

Mr. Farman Ullah

He is a PhD student (2020-2024) in Forest Ecology and Management on Chinese University and Nanjing Government Scholarships.  He is interested in to explore the forest diversity, structure and functioning of Pakistani forests. He is also working in the subtropical forests of Eastern China.

Part-time researchers and co-advised students

Ms. Maryam Kazempour Larsary

She is a PhD student (2017-2021) in forest science at University of Guilan, Iran. I am co-advising her during PhD study with Prof. Dr. Hassan Pourbabaei. She is interested in to explore the forest diversity, structure and functioning along climate and soil gradients in Iranian temperate forests.

Group Alumni

Dr. Anvar Sanaei

He was my co-advised PhD student, graduated from University of Tehran Iran. Currently, he is working as a full-time researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences while working as a part-time researcher in our group. His research interest encompasses the biodiversity-ecosystem functioning, above-below-ground functional relationships between plants and their environment, plant-plant interactions, mechanisms of plant community assembly, and structure and variation of plant species diversity.

MS. Li-Qiu Wang (王立秋)

She is a master graduate in Forestry (2019-2021) from Nanjing Forestry University. She worked on the relationships amongst environment, functional traits and aboveground
biomass in forests – global meta-community analyses.


Mr. Suwash Kunwar

He is a master graduate in Forestry (2019-201) on APFNet Scholarship, from Nanjing Forestry University. He was an international student from Nepal. During master research, he worked on linking multiple facets of tree diversity and structure with aboveground biomass along an elevation gradient in tropical forests of Nepal: implications for forest management.